Do I need a permit to surf fish in Delaware?

A surf fishing permit must be purchased for the current calendar year for the low-digit tag to be valid. Operating a vehicle without a current surf fishing vehicle permit and plate on state park beach areas or dune crossings is prohibited.

How much are Delaware surf tags?

Passes and Tags
Annual Surf Fishing Vehicle Permit Rates
Resident Annual Permit $90
Sr Resident Annual Permit $80
Sr Non-Resident Annual Permit $160
Non-Resident Annual Permit $180

Are Delaware surf fishing tags sold out?

Delaware Surf Fishing Tags are sold out –

Where can I buy a Delaware surf fishing plate?

Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control Division of Parks & Recreation
  • Delaware Seashore State Park — Towers Ocean.
  • Park office hours are:
  • Delaware Seashore State Park — Keybox Road.
  • Cape Henlopen State Park.
  • Fenwick Island State Park.

How much is a Delaware surf fishing license?

Surf fishing permit rates remains unchanged for 2023. The surf fishing permit fee for Delaware residents is $90 and $180 for out-of-state residents.

How many surf tags does Delaware sell?

Pilot Program Changes: 2023 Delaware Surf Fishing Permits

There will no longer be an annual surf fishing permit sales cap of 17,000. There is no need to rush when sales begin and you can buy your surf fishing permit anytime during the year.

How much is a beach tag in Delaware?

A Delaware resident annual pass costs $35, and Delaware residents 62 and older will receive a discounted rate of $18. A $65 lifetime pass is available for Delawareans 65 and older. Reduced rates are also offered to Delawareans who receive public assistance, or who are active duty military or veterans.

Do you need a beach tag for Delaware beaches?

The municipal beaches are free. Admission to Delaware State Parks with ocean beaches (Cape Henlopen, Delaware Seashore and Fenwick Island state parks) is $5 for Delaware residents and $10 for non-residents.

Do you have to use circle hooks in Delaware?

In 2021, a new regulation requires using non-offset circle hooks when fishing for striped bass using cut or whole natural baits like clams, squid, mackerel, menhaden, seaworms or eels. Using non-offset circle hooks significantly increases survival of released striped bass by reducing occurrences of gut hooking.

What is the size limit for stripers in Delaware?

In State of Delaware waters (coast to 3 miles offshore), 28 inches to <35 inches, except 20 inches to 25 inches from July 1 through August 31 in the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and their tributaries.

How many stripers can you keep in Delaware?

The emergency regulations establish Delaware’s recreational striped bass fishing limits at one-fish-per day with a “slot limit” size of 28 through 35 inches, except for the period from July 1 through Aug.

Can you catch stripers in daytime?

Anyone can catch stripers consistently during the day if they have a plan, know what to use, pay attention to conditions and have a little luck. The first thing a surf fisherman looking for striped bass during daylight hours should do is divide the season into thirds; spring, summer and fall.

Can you catch stripers from the bank?

It is not uncommon to see anglers on the banks and around ramps and parks at all hours of the day and night. Stripers can and will feed at any time if they can find the food. Use some type of cut bait close to current to draw the fish to the baits.

What’s the best bait for stripers?

Bunker and Herring as Striped Bass Baits

Bunker (also known pogies or alewives or, properly as menhaden) are probably the number-one most common bait used for stripers, and herring aren’t far behind. We’re lumping these two types of fish together because they’re extremely similar and usually are equally effective.

What month is best for striper fishing?

Striped Bass will start to move into the Red and Washita Rivers to spawn. April can be the best live-bait fishing month, but swimbaits and underspins will catch Striper too. Striper will school up around these river channels to feed, then run upstream to spawn.

What lure is best for striper?

The 9 Best Striper Lures of 2022
  • Best Soft Plastic Lure: Storm Wildeye Swim Shad at Amazon.
  • Best Swimbait: Sebile Magic Swimmer at Amazon.
  • Best Bucktail Jig: SPRO Bucktail Jig at Amazon.
  • Best Spoon: Bass Pro Shops XPS Jigging Spoon at
  • Best Crankbait: Bomber Saltwater Grade Magnum Long A at Amazon.

What color attracts striped bass?

No matter how surfcasters discovered that yellow is a killer color for striped bass lures, the fact remains, if you don’t have a wide selection of yellow plugs, you aren’t catching as many striped bass as you could be.