Can you swim in Bass Lake?

Bass Lake is one of California’s premier boating, swimming and sailing lakes.

Can you paddle board on Bass Lake?

Q- Where can I use my paddle board on Bass Lake and what are the requirements? A- Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s) shall only be ridden within the 5 MPH/No wake zone on Bass Lake.

How much does it cost to rent a pontoon boat at Bass Lake?

Pontoon Boats

$550.00- 24 Hours. 11 passengers, gas BBQ. $675.00- 24 Hours.

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What is the water temperature of Bass Lake?

Bass Lake’s current water temperature is 61°F.

Can you fish at Bass Lake?

Fishing at Bass Lake has been a favorite pastime for generations. Since Bass Lake is considered a warm water lake, with an average summer temperature around 76 degrees, therefore it attracts fishing enthusiasts year round.

What city is Bass Lake in?

Bass Lake is a census-designated place in Madera County, California, United States. It is located 4.5 miles (7.2 km) southeast of Yosemite Forks, at an elevation of 3,415 feet (1,041 m). The population was 575 at the 2020 census.
Bass Lake, California

Are there bears in Bass Lake?

Bears and Other Mammals – Bass Lake, California

The American black bear is the most common bear species observed while camping near Yosemite National Park. If you happen to see a bear near Bass Lake, it’s best to give them space and walk away.

What is Bass Lake known for?

Bass Lake is renowned for excellent fishing, hiking trails, and warm waters. With the full service Pines Resort, wakeboarding and watersports, and outdoor adventure galore, Bass Lake is perfect destination with activities to please the whole family.

Is Bass Lake Worth Visiting?

Bass Lake is a really good place to visit for anyone. Surrounding yourself with serenity and nature has undoubted benefits to your health. However, the truth is, that some will enjoy it more than the others.

What should I bring to Bass Lake?

10 Must-bring items for your Bass Lake Getaway
  • Sweatshirt or a jacket: Yes, regardless of the season – do not forget to pack a warm sweatshirt!
  • Sunscreen or sun hat:
  • Flashlight:
  • Wood / Fire Logs:
  • Hiking Shoes:
  • Hand-held GPS:
  • Beach Towel:
  • Binoculars:

Is Bass Lake busy?

The busiest month for tourism in Bass Lake, CA, US is June, followed by July and August. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these months, though you can save if you purchase well in advance. Tourists are unlikely to visit Bass Lake in November.

Is Bass Lake water clean?

The annual BestPlaces Water Quality Index for the Bass Lake (zip 93604) area is 16 (100=best).

Why is Bass Lake so warm?

But the little lake with the big alpine feel has an appealing difference from its high-country cousin: Bass Lake’s elevation is only 3,400 feet, so its surface waters become blissfully warm in summer, hovering around 75°F.

Is Bass Lake safe for dogs?

Yes, dogs are permitted, but they must be on-leash. Please stay on levee trails with dogs. Is there a trail all the way around the lake?

Are 2 strokes allowed on Bass Lake?

There is no restrictions on 2-stroke engines. Where can I park my boat on the water overnight? There are several places to rent slips, first come first serve. See camping page.