Can you sell a boat without a bill of sale?

Selling a boat cannot happen without paperwork. If you are selling the boat yourself, be sure to write a bill of sale that includes the price, buyer and seller names, addresses and driver’s license numbers, boat type and size, registration numbers, and the main equipment list.

What do you need to sell a boat in Arkansas?

Proof of ownership (current registration or a bill of sale). Proof that the boat has been or is listed to be assessed from a county assessor. Proof that personal property taxes have been paid. Proof of liability insurance for all watercraft with engines more than fifty (50) horsepower.

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Does a bill of sale for a boat have to be notarized in Arkansas?

Upon registering the vessel under their name, the new owner must present the bill of sale to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) in order to prove ownership. Signing Requirements – Both the buyer and seller must sign in the presence of a state-licensed notary public.

Does a bill of sale have to be notarized in Arkansas?

Bills of sale do not require notarization. All bills of sale in Arkansas, however, must contain the following information: The names, contact information, and signatures and the buyer and seller. The vehicle identification number or VIN.

Do you have to pay sales tax on used boat in Arkansas?

I’ve bought 2 new boats in Arkansas. Both times had to pay sales tax on full purchase price of boat and separate sales tax on the trailer. Unless it’s changed in the last few years, There is not a trade difference on boats like their is on vehicles. On used boats, I have not had to pay any sales tax.

What if my boat doesn’t have a HIN Arkansas?

If a boat does not have a hull identification number or was manufactured before 1972 and does not have a factory hull identification number, contact Capt. Stephanie Weatherington, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, 501-223-6379.

What are the boating laws in Arkansas?

Age and Operator Restrictions

To operate a motorboat powered by an engine of 10 horsepower or more, a person must be 12 years of age or older. To operate a personal watercraft (PWC), a person must be: 16 years old or older or… 12 to 15 years old and under the direct supervision of a person at least 18 years old or…

Can passengers drink on a boat in Arkansas?

Arkansas is a great example, and according to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, boat passengers are only allowed to drink while in transit on the waterways.

How much is sales tax on a boat in Arkansas?

Arkansas does not charge sales tax on casual sales (individual to individual) for boats.

Is it illegal to drink on a boat in Arkansas?

Boating and Alcohol: The Laws

In Arkansas no person shall operate any motorized boat while they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a combination thereof.

Can you drive a boat without a license in Arkansas?

Do you need a Boating License in Arkansas? Anyone born on or after January 1, 1986, operating a motorboat, PWC, or sailboat in Arkansas is required by law to pass a boater safety course and to carry a boater education card.

Can you have an open container on a boat in Arkansas?

We can also verify that having an open container in a boat is perfectly legal as long as the boat driver is not legally drunk.

Do you have to wear a life jacket on a boat in Arkansas?

Make sure everyone is assigned a proper-fitting life jacket. Arkansas law requires children 12 and under to wear a life jacket at all times boating or swimming.

Can you drink while kayaking in Arkansas?

When onboard a canoe, kayak, inner tube or other vessel easily susceptible to swamping, tipping or rolling, any beverage not contained in a sealed or locked container or litter bag must be attached to or held within a floating holder that prevents them from sinking beneath the water’s surface.

How long do you have to register a boat in Arkansas?

Arkansas boat registration

Boat registrations must be applied for within 30 days of purchasing a new vessel. Applicants must provide the hull identification number, proof of ownership such as a current registration or bill of sale, the year, make, model, and horsepower of the boat, and the amount of sale.

Does a boat trailer need a license plate in Arkansas?

No. Although you’ll need to register your trailer, Arkansas only requires titles for motorized vehicles.