Can you have a narrowboat on the Norfolk Broads?

Is it easy to drive a boat on the Norfolk Broads?

It’s easy – The Norfolk Broads are a great place to start boating as there are no locks to worry about and the rivers are much wider than the canals.

Can you hire a barge on the Norfolk Broads?

Canal Boat Hire and Norfolk Broads Boat Holidays

We have a wide choice of boats ranging from traditional narrowboats, modern or classic motor cruisers, widebeam boats and barges all available for holiday hire. We are all experienced boaters and are more than happy to offer advice on boating holidays on 01252 796 400.

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Can you swim in the Norfolk Broads?

When the weather is warm it can be very tempting to go for a swim in the Broads. This is potentially very dangerous without the benefit of support from an open water swimming organisation. The Broads Authority strongly advises against entering the water unless part of an organised event.

Do you need experience to hire a canal boat?

No. Anyone over 21 can hire a canal boat with no licence or training whatsoever. Most people pick up steering and controlling the boat fairly quickly, canal hire firms will give basic training if you have no one experienced on board before letting you loose, and it is possible to take some lessons in advance.

Can you hire a canal boat for a day?

Day hire boats can usually be booked for self drive canal trips for a day, part of a day or evening. You don’t need any boating experience or qualifications to take one out. They usually have toilet and simple cooking facilities (many people take picnics) but no sleeping accommodation.

How many boats does Herbert Woods have?

Herbert Woods is the largest independent hire boat marina on the Broads operating over 120 cruisers with a 50 strong workforce who are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and making sure your Norfolk Broads adventure is one that will be remembered for years to come.

How many does a narrow boat sleep?

Narrowboats are usually 7 feet wide, but can be quite spacious inside, with plenty of headroom. They range from smaller craft, sleeping just two people, to longer boats that can sleep up to 12. The space will be divided into living and sleeping areas.

How far can a narrow boat travel in a day?

Narrowboat hire

You can expect to be able to travel at about two miles per hour and are likely to want to cruise for around four hours a day – so in a week don’t plan to cover more than about 50 miles.

Can you drive a canal boat at night?

If you own a canal boat, it is not illegal to drive your canal boat in the dark – however, if you are renting from a canal boat supplier, such as ABC Boat Hire, these hire boats are not permitted to be driven at night.

Can one person drive a narrowboat?

Yes you can go boating alone; however it is recommended that you choose a lock-free route, like the Norfolk Broads as locks can be tricky to operate on your own.

How far can you travel on a canal boat in a day?

How far can I travel? During the summer months you can expect to cruise for anywhere between four and seven hours a day. Travelling at 3-4mph for four hours a day will mean you cover around 80 to 100 miles in a week. This will still provide plenty of time for lazy lunches and energetic exploring.

Can you drink canal water?

Never drink water from rivers, canals or lakes.

Where do canal boats get water?

Fill up point – this should be clearly marked on the boat and can be filled from one of the many water points around the canal system or at a marina. Connection – on most boats the water tank will be connected to a tap at the sink, where it is pumped out by hand or by electric pump.

Are Amsterdam canals fresh water?

Is the canal water seawater or freshwater? The canals of Amsterdam in contain both saltwater and freshwater: the saltwater enters the cities canals via the Noordzeekanaal, which connect Amsterdam with IJmuiden. The fresh water flows from the river Rhine, via the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.

How clean is the water in the canals?

Canal water is untreated water and so may contain pollution, biological or chemical contaminants. Please bear this in mind when you come into contact with the water and follow basic hygiene measures.

What to do if you fall into a canal?