Can I use red diesel in my boat in the UK?

In Great Britain, a private pleasure craft may continue to use rebated (red) diesel, including rebated sulphur-free diesel and rebated bioblend (a mix of diesel and biodiesel) however, an amount equal to the rebate must be paid on the fuel used for propelling the boat.

Can I use regular diesel in a marine engine?

Most regular diesel fuel has a cetane rating of 43 to 45, which should be fine for most boat engines.

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What kind of diesel do boats use?

Commercial boats will use one of two major types of fuel: marine gas oil (MGO) and marine diesel oil (MDO), both of which aren’t usually found at your local marina. MGO is a blend of light cycle gas oil and aromatics, and it may contain waste products like used motor oil.

Is there a difference between marine diesel and car diesel?

On-road diesel fuel was limited to 15 parts per million of sulfur content while off-road diesel (for boats and generators and other non-road uses) was allowed to be higher sulfur. This created some meaningful differences between the two kinds of fuels; differences that kept diesel boat owners smiling.

Is marine diesel cheaper than car diesel?

Price. The first noticeable difference is in price, the automotive diesel engine is considerably cheaper, there are however good reasons for this and a car engine should never be used in the place of a marine engine. The overall duty cycle of a marine diesel engine is very different to that of a car.

What happens if you put diesel in a gas boat?

Since diesel fuel has an octane rating of 25-30, pumping diesel fuel into a gas tank can lower the octane level needed and cause damage to the gas engine. The more diesel fuel pumped into the gas tank, the higher the level of diesel contamination.

Is Marine Fuel different from auto fuel?

Yes, you can use the same gasoline as a car in your boat engines; however, this fuel must be E10 or ethanol-free gasoline. E15 or gasoline with higher levels of ethanol is not recommended.

Do boats require special fuel?

What Type of Gas Should I Use in My Boat? All current outboard, sterndrive and inboard gasoline engines are designed to operate safely on fuel with no more than 10 percent ethanol (known as E10), and under no circumstance should fuel with more than 10 percent ethanol (such as E15 or E85) be used in a marine engine.

What fuel do Navy ships use?

The primary petroleum-based fuels aboard Navy vessels are aviation gasoline, jet propulsion fuel (JP-51, Navy distillate, Navy special fuel oil, and diesel fuel marine. These fuels are transported to Navy vessels by Navy oilers.

Can I fill up my boat at a gas station?

It is as simple as pulling up to a gas station and filling the engine there. Before you fuel up, make sure the boat is level in the trailer to prevent spills and ensure that you fuel up fully.

How long can you leave gas in a boat?

Boat fuel can go stale within 30 days, especially if it’s mixed with ethanol, as it is in some areas. Stale fuel will degrade and can clog the fuel system. You can extend the life of the fuel by topping it up with some fresh fuel.

What is the problem with using your boat’s engine to drive it onto a trailer?

NOTE – While many people drive the boat onto the trailer, it isn’t advised. Using the engine to assist trailering erodes the ramp bed, can lead to debris being sucked into the engine, and can cause an accident!

What do three short blasts of a horn mean?

One short blast tells other boaters, “I intend to pass you on my port (left side).” Two short blasts tell other boaters, “I intend to pass you on my starboard (right) side.” Three short blasts tell other boaters, “I am backing up.”

Why can’t you use cruise control while towing?

The harder your truck had to work to climb the hill, the more you would slow down. In cruise control, however, your engine will fight tooth and nail to maintain the current speed. Which means it will be running at a higher intensity than normal. This can put enormous strain on your engine, so be careful.

Is it better to trailer a boat with the motor up or down?

Trailering with the engine in a vertical position puts the least amount of strain on the motor and transom, but that’s not possible for many boat/trailer/engine combinations due to ground clearance issues.

Why do boats lean to one side at rest?

If your boat lists at rest, there is too much weight on one side. It could be gear or it could be water trapped in a stringer bay.