Are mollies cold water or tropical?

Mollies are tropical fish, so they are used to warmer climates, which needs to be accommodated for if you decide to keep these particular fish. We now know that the appropriate temperatures to keep them in are between 21-29.5 degrees celsius; anything over 32 degrees celsius will cause serious harm to them.

Do mollies need a heater?

Mollies don’t need a heater if the temperature is favorable, and that’s why they can thrive in the tropics- provided temperatures don’t fall below 68-70 °F. Even if you don’t live in the tropics but have a well-heated home, you’ll still need a heater for your molly fish tank.

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How long do molly fish live for?

Mollies (Poecilia sphenops) are wonderful fish, and come in a huge variety of colors and fin shapes. Hardy and active, if given the right conditions, they’ll live for 3-4 years and produce thousands of babies in their lifetime. And in this guide, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about caring for them.

Do mollies need sunlight?

Mollies do not require light directly. For a fish-only aquarium featuring mollies, 1 watt of lighting power per gallon of aquarium volume is usually plenty to see your fish.

Can I keep mollies without air pump?

Naturally occurring bubbles from filtration are not enough, so an air pump or air stone is necessary. Pump-generated bubbles aerate your aquarium, providing your mollies with breathable oxygen. These bubbles also help minimize water maintenance by aiding filtration.

How do you keep mollies alive?

Water Parameters

As a whole, mollies are very adaptable. They like warm waters, neutral pH, and hard water. Contrary to the belief of some, you don’t need salt in the water to keep these fish healthy. They do just fine living in pure freshwater environments their entire lives.

Can mollies live without a bubbler?

Do Mollies Need an Air Stone or Water Pump? Since oxygen is indispensable for molly fish, you’ll need to promote oxygen exchange, so that enough oxygen gets into the aquarium and meets the oxygen needs of your molly fish.

Do bubblers annoy fish?

Certain fish have adapted to stagnant water, like betta, and can even draw water from the surface. In this case, the water movement caused by a bubbler can actually stress the fish.

What do molly fish eat?

In the wild, mollies are omnivores and feed on small invertebrates, algae and plant matter. In the home aquarium, they should be fed a high quality flake food, and a variety of vegetables.

How many mollies can go in a 20 gallon tank?

You can keep 5 to 6 molly fish in a 20-gallon tank. These friendly fish reach a maximum size of around 3 inches, so they’re not the biggest fish in the world. However, they are very active swimmers and need plenty of room to move around.

Can I keep 2 mollies together?

More than one molly can be kept in a tank together, however, they have been known to nip the fins of others in their tank. It is recommended that only one male molly be kept in a tank since males will fight with each other to establish a dominant alpha fish.

How big do mollies get?

A full-grown, male Molly fish will usually be around 3 inches or 7 centimeters long, whereas the females are a bit larger and can grow to around 4 inches or 10 centimeters long.

Do mollies clean the tank?

Moreover, green, silver, black, orange sailfins, dalmatian, and black lyretail mollies — they are a great cleaning crew. Before, you would probably need to scrub the aquarium regularly, but with just 6 mollies in a 30-gallon tank, algae can be removed in just 3 days.

Do mollies need salt in their water?

It’s their tolerance of salt that led to the myth they require salt to be healthy. That is not true, they don’t. That said, they do seem to prefer hard, alkaline water. Your use of cichlid salts to increase the hardness and pH is appropriate.

Are mollies good beginner fish?

Mollies. Mollies are often recommended as good beginner fish, but their sensitivity to water conditions makes them difficult to keep, and therefore, mollies should be reserved for more experienced hobbyists.

How often do you feed mollies?

Offer your mollies a small amount of food once or two times a day. Besides moderation, variety is another key element in feeding molly fish. Since these fish are omnivores, they require a variety of foods and a balanced diet to stay healthy. From commercial foods to live foods, mollies will eat anything.