Are downriggers worth it?

Downriggers are an efficient way to put live bait and lures in precise zones of the water column, and all anglers know that being in the right depth leads to more fish in the box. Downriggers are consistently used to target king mackerel, amberjack, cobia, grouper, among others.

What do I need for downrigger fishing?

Downriggers can be amazingly simple, like our Lake-Troll™, or extremely sophisticated pieces of fishing equipment, like the Optimum™.


  1. Rod Holder.
  2. Spool.
  3. Crank or Motor.
  4. Cable.
  5. Boom.
  6. Trolling (or Flash) Weight.
  7. Line Release.

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What size of weight do I need for downrigger?

Six to eight pounds is typical for most moderate depth freshwater applications and ten pounds is typical for saltwater. (see Weight Table). The amount of weight needed on a downrigger is a function of the speed you are trolling and the depth you are fishing.

How fast can you troll with downriggers?

Downrigger 2.0: 4 to 7 knots

Now, if you’re pulling dead baits at 4 to 7 knots, you don’t have to part with your downrigger, but you’ll need a different setup if you want to get a bait deep.

How do you rig up a downrigger?

Do you need a line counter reel with a downrigger?

They’re not line counters (they do not have a high speed retrieve either) but if you’re using downriggers it isn’t necessary. Not that line counters are needed for fishing down there (B-10) anyhow, they aren’t.

What line do you use for downrigger rods?

How many lines should a downrigger have?

It makes it easy to repeatedly place baits at the same depth, or to accurately change depths as needed. With a downrigger near the stern on both the port and starboard sides of the boat, anglers can fish two lines or stack two lines per downrigger and fish four lines.

Why use a snubber on a downrigger?

This is to absorb the shock of your downrigger weight on the boom. Furthermore, this snubber is ideal for connection between your downrigger cable and downrigger ball.

How deep can you fish a downrigger?

A downrigger weight of eight pounds is adequate for fishing depths up to about 50 feet and speeds approaching 2.5 MPH.

How do you use the poor man’s downrigger?

What is blowback in downrigger fishing?

Blowback is the angle or horizontal distance between your downrigger weight and your downrigger. It is created by the resistance of the water to the downrigger weight and line as you pull it through the water behind your boat.

Where should I mount my downrigger?

Downriggers work best if they are mounted near the stern of the boat. They will work at any location but the risk of tangling wire line in your prop during a turn is minimized the further back the downrigger is mounted. The downiigger should be mounted in a location where it is easy to reach and operate.

How do you stack fishing lines on a downrigger?

Can you use a spinning rod with a downrigger?

Spinning reels tend to twist your line when used for a trolling reel. Which is why a person uses a quality ball bearing swivel. And Yes spinning gear is fine and the baitrunner feature makes using it on the downrigger very easy.

What is the difference between a trolling rod and a downrigger rod?

Usually rigger rods are longer so you can “load” them while running & take up a little more slack on the release . Trolling rods tend to be a little shorter , & some a little geared towards lighter line . Shorter length can be an advantage in the wind also .