Are discus aggressive to other fish?

Discus are generally calm, peaceful fish, but as cichlids, they can be aggressive toward one another, especially when attempting to pair off and spawn. Shy or submissive fish should be removed if they are unable to compete. Most serious hobbyists do not mix their discus with too many other species.

How many discus should be kept together?

3-5 discus should be doable in a 55gal aquarium as long as water changes are kept up with. A general rule you can follow is one discus per 10 gallons. Since these fish are tall, do not keep them in shallow tanks. The UNS 90U, 120P, and 120U are all high quality aquariums that would be great for discus!

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What are the three rules of discus?

The discus must land in the legal sector (34.92°) of the throwing area. The athlete must exit the rear half of the circle under control. Competitors shall not compete while using an illegal implement.

Do discus recognize their owners?

They are said to recognize the owner in time and they can get as close to you as to eat out of your hand. When breeding discus as a hobby, some owners have noticed that the discus will watch you move around the room or even react to TV noise.

Can I keep only 2 discus fish?

Or just 2 discus? Discus are really herd animals, they live in very large shoals in the wild. If you are thinking of buying young/small discus, you should try to keep at least 5 of them together. They can get really depressed and sick just from the stress of being alone.

Should discus be kept in groups?

Though most members of the cichlid family have aggressive tendencies, discus fish are generally peaceful in the home aquarium. In fact, discus fish tend to prefer being kept in groups with several of their own species and they have been known to get along with a variety of other fish.

Will 2 discus fight?

Fighting can be seen in a pair of discus fish. They may display bold colors, can lock jaws and even peck at one another.

What size tank should discus be in?

Why do discus jump out of tank?

If the water quality in the tank is poor, the fish might jump out to seek a more appropriate environment. Other factors such as lack of hiding places, low oxygen levels and improper pH balance can also lead to fish jumping out of the tank.

What is the best size discus to buy?

It is best to keep Discus sizes within 1” of each other in order to reduce aggression and maintain tranquility in the tank. Small discus typically range from 2.5-3.5″.

Choose Your Preferred Size of Fish.

Age of Fish Size in Inches
9 Months 4.5”
12 Months 5.5”
18 Months 6”
24 Months 6.5”+

Can I put discus in a community tank?

Yes, discus fish thrive in a community tank (sponsored) with other freshwater species. The best partners for discus fish in an aquarium are calm, schooling fish, including species from the characin fish family. This makes it easier to set up a habitat and environment that is compatible and healthy for both species.

How many days a week should you throw discus?

As they improve, their discus will slowly start to improve as well. Their discus training should be done 2-3 days a week. When they throw both the discus and shot on the same day, their training should start with the shot put and they should take 20-24 throws, followed by 18-24 throws in the discus.

Do you need to be strong to throw a discus?

Athletes will typically throw six times per competition. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the athlete with the next-best effort. A discus thrower requires strength, speed, balance and explosive power.

Do you have to be strong to throw discus?

That takes us to the next step, we know discus throwers need technique. Along with technique and explosiveness, discus throwers need to be strong and have good trunk control.

What is a good beginner discus throw?

Does discus come out back of hand?

Yes, and it is a perfectly valid throw. For the younger athletes it may take a while to be able to make a discus fly flat. In fact the discus can come out of the hand in any way, even out the back. If thrown correctly however, athletes will get a bigger throw.